Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mrs. Tarmy and Jack

Today I am thankful for my dear friend, Moira Tarmy.
We went to boarding school together and were room mates our junior year. She is from Las Vegas and now lives in Maine with her husband and 5 month old baby, Jack. I never thought Moira would have a baby before me, but now I am so thankful that she did!
Moira is extremely comforting to talk to as a new mom who is worried about doing everything "by the book." Any time I feel like I am not doing something right or wondering if I should do more of this or that, Moira has the perfect answer - "Mary, just do what works best for you and your baby." (I went by Mary in high school)
I thought that I would be a completely different mom than I have turned out to be! There are so many books out there and it becomes overwhelming to realize that you are not doing things exactly as all the books tell you. Luckily, when God gives you the gift of a baby, He flips the switch of your maternal instincts to "on." Somehow, you just know what to do and when according to your own baby.
Moira is a wonderful baby advocate. She wears her baby most of the day and also co-sleeps with him. This theory has made a huge comeback in the last few years and many mothers are using it over sleep training ideals. The only "way" that she is worried about parenting is the best way that works for her and for Jack.
I am so thankful to have Moira in my life!
And look how cool she looks with her baby on her back!

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CaseyWiegand said...

Still co-sleeping at 8 months in my household....definitely do what works best for your family! I am dying to see you guys....thinking about you constantly. Love you more than you know!!!