Monday, November 2, 2009


We had a great first Halloween with our little pumpkin! We live in a very small unique town. The population increases in the summer due to the abundance of vacation homes and summer camps in the area, but otherwise is very small. We do have a school, the Hunt School, that offers a wonderful education (k-8) much like a private school because of the size and quality of the teachers. All four Eastland boys attended and we plan to send our children there as well. Some of the teachers that big Edward had are still there! Anyway, every year, they put on a cute Halloween carnival and we decided to attend our first one to get little Edward acquainted with some future classmates!
We BOB-ed around for a bit while we were waiting for all the kids to walk in parade fashion from a different location.
We didn't stay very long. Little Edward loved looking around but we wouldn't let him have any chocolate so he got a little fussy! The town of Hunt is fairly spread out along the Guadalupe river and makes for difficult trick-or-treating, so everyone at the carnival opened up the trunks of their cars and the kids did some "trunk"-or treating. It was actually pretty cute. It makes getting candy so easy!
The Edwards.
We raided the camp costume closet and found some pumpkin outfits for us to wear, but chickened out at the last minute! The orange sufficed.
After about 30 minutes at the carnival, we came back to camp and showed off our pumpkin to the family.
At the end of the night, we had a costume change before bed. The skeleton glows in the dark!

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Jordan said...

Happy Halloween! Cute little pumpkin!