Monday, November 9, 2009

first trip to Houston

We made our first trip to Houston last weekend for my aunt's wedding. It was a jam-packed weekend and the little guy did so well! We came in Thursday night for my mom's birthday and to make sure we had a day of cushion in case the car ride was a disaster! But it wasn't. Ed was so great. We stopped one time to nurse and he slept the rest of the way. It was such a blessing. Friday night was the rehearsal dinner and my parents got to babysit for the first time...eek! Everything went well while we were gone. My mom hired a baby nurse to help her out so that was comforting.
The wedding was Saturday morning with a reception afterward. Ed again was amazing and slept the whole time in my arms (see below)!
The aunt that got married was my dad's sister and it was good to see that side of our family. Above is my cousin Alex and his fiancee Christina. We are only a couple of months apart and it has been fun to grow up in Houston parallel to one another. I only have two blood cousins - Alex and his older brother Christian.
Meeting his Great-Grandmother on the Howard side. We call her Tata. We had a housekeeper that would take us over to visit her and say "Abeulita, abuelita" (grandma in spanish) and my oldest brother could only get out the end of it, coining the name "Tata." Ed has FOUR great-grandmothers that are still alive and well! Tata is a special one, my dad's mom.
At the brunch on Sunday morning, Ed got to meet two of his Howard cousins - Cora and Wesley. I don't know why I didn't think to get a picture of Wesley...
My mom and Bruce absolutely LOVED us being at their house for three nights and wanted to be around Ed the entire time! This is Bruce taking him around the block for a morning stroll.
Yawning - must have been a boring walk!
The second my mom would hear Ed cry in the mornings, she would be at the door to our room with fresh-squeezed orange juice from her impressive orange tree in the front yard!

Edward is claiming the first happened in the middle of the night while he was changing him...yeah right...

(did you notice my usage of "Ed" instead of "Eddie." What do you think?)

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