Thursday, September 17, 2009


I am excited to get back in to my running routine and even signed up for some races today to have some goals in sight. The first race I am planning to run is the Austin HALF Marathon on Valentine's day 2010. I will start training November 1st:
I'm a Mizuno-wearing runner and these are the new Wave Rider's I will need. They are the only shoes that work for me. I love the smell of new running shoes.
There are so many awesome trails around camp to venture while running.
We already got the BOB running stroller for Eddie to ride in on long runs.
My favorite sight at the end of a race is my sweet husband cheering me on. Sometimes he really suffers in the cold and he rushes around to different parts of the races to cheer me on. He is the greatest and will have a precious one with him at the next finish line! This picture was after the Chicago Marathon 2007.

I love this long running tee with hood. It's always important to feel like you look good while running!
I love everything about races, but especially the "swag bags." Before the race, you pick up your race packet and it is the most exciting part for me. It has various coupons for running discounts, sample cliff bars (the tiny size), maybe a free pair of socks, sometimes special detergents for smelly clothes, lip balms, the race t-shirt, and of course, the bib with your number on it. The swag in the bag varies depending on the sponsors of the race. I love it.


Wynne & Stephen said...

very exciting - and a great goal! I will need your help finding a cute outfit for my first half marathon in November! You are the pro - very inspsiring to me :) love you friend!

Katie said...

what a wonderful goal! i wish i was a better runner! a half-marathon is on my bucket list of things to accomplish before I am 30!