Monday, September 28, 2009

Howard Cousins

Cora Rose Howard - 3 years old
Rhea Sofia Howard - 2 years old
Luke Hinds Howard - 2/25/09
Wesley Dean Howard - 01/12/09
I am so excited for little Edward to have so many cousins already. I only have two blood cousins and he will already have SIX! And three boys born in the same year (Charlie Eastland 07/30/09).
You can probably tell the resemblance in the siblings pictured above, but Rhea and Luke are Hinds (2 years older than me) and Erjona's babies. They live in Boston :( Rhea is bilingual, speaking english and albanian - it's pretty incredible to watch.
Cora and Wesley belong to Hilary and Jason (4 years older than me) who live in Houston.

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Jordan said...

That is so wonderful! Brody is an only child and I only have Seth so I'm sad Carter won't have many cousins. I'm just insisting that we stay close to MY cousins and then their kids can be Carter's 2nd cousins I guess. Anyway, looking forward to meeting little Eastland via your blog!