Thursday, August 27, 2009

Post-Camp life!

Camp ended on Friday (8/21) and now we get to start our 9 month summer vacation!! We had some quality Eastland family time by the river on Friday and Saturday and then headed to Port Mansfield to be with my family from Sunday to Wednesday. 
Catie and her new baby - Charlie. So precious and such an easy baby at three weeks old.
Our precious Sadie standing on her back legs to rest on the side. Such a lover. 
Aunt Lindsay and George.
We were in Port Mansfield with my brother, Jason and his wife Hilary and their 3 year old Cora. They left the 7 month old with the other grandparents. Anyway, Cora Rose is amazing  and so much fun but is in this "I won't pose for pictures stage." So, I had to snap a shot when she wasn't ready. She was eating an apple and dancing as she chewed. 

Edward Sand-boarding down the huge sand dunes along the Gulf in Port Mansfield. He was pretty awesome. 

Edward - the deer whisperer. The deer in PM are so friendly. He was shaking a can of corn and they would sprint from all directions to get some corn. They almost ate out of his hands...
There were some big bucks!
The Howards riding in on the Queen Mary. (the boat already had the name when we bought it, but it works for me)!
Edward riding the AquaGlide, aka "Water Mattress." 
We are enjoying the free time that we get and also getting to spend more time together. It is exciting to get to spend time focusing on the baby more now. Only 5 weeks to go until our bundle of joy gets here!

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Katie said...

5 weeks... that is crazy! You all are going to be such wonderful parents!