Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Do you Yaris?

Last weekend, Edward and I traveled to Kansas for Sarah and Trey's wedding! It was so fun and a nice weekend away from camp. Well, we had to fly and got the chance to rent our first car together. We walked out on to the lot and had the pick of the compact cars. There were typical chevys and fords available and then we came accross the Yaris....and knew that was it. We had the best time yaris-ing around town.

This was one of the center pieces at the rehearsal dinner. The Simkos brought Texas to Kansas and really did a great job. Sarah, of course, looked beautiful.
My camera broke after the rehearsal, I didn't get too many other pictures, but at least we still had the Yaris.


ALittleArtsy said...

i need to see more belly pics!!!!!!!! miss you bestie!!!!!

Arnold Family said...

I second that! I need to see some preggers pics! I love the Yaris...imagine squeezing a carseat into that bad boy!