Tuesday, April 14, 2009

boy or girl?

The eternal question. Edward and I constantly try to guess which way we are feeling and can never stick to one gender. The fun part is that it really doesn't matter to us since it is the first baby! Nevertheless, I literally think about it every day. So I looked to some resources on the internet and found there are numerous gender identification quizzes out there! Some of the questions are pretty funny:
- What is the father-to-be's underwear preference?
  a. loose fitting boxers
b. tight fitting boxers
- I 
a. refuse to eat the heel of the bread
b. prefer to eat the heel
- Your mother's hair color is
a. gray
b. not gray
- My nose has
a. spread during pregnancy (what does that even mean)?
b. stayed the same
- How do you pick up a mug?
a. By the handle
b. By the body of the mug
- How do you pick up a key?
a. The round end
b. The long end
And this is just a few of the questions they ask you! There was only one quiz that said we would have a girl and the other seven or so declared it was a boy!

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ALittleArtsy said...

this is making me laugh! I took about 100 quizzes...all of mine said girl and it was a BOY! LOL! love you bestie!!!!! PS Im having the best time reading your blog everyday! Wishing you lived in Dallas......