Thursday, April 9, 2009

Baby Stuff Galore

I spent about a week in Houston shopping shopping shopping with my sweet mom. I'm happy to live in the country, but had forgotten how many conveniences and malls there are in a city! I think she and I went to every single baby store in Houston, which you can imagine is several. We bought a stroller, high chair, glider for the nursery, crib, and changing table. Everything is starting to arrive and feels like Christmas coupled with getting wedding gifts all over again! This is our stroller by UppaBaby. I love the bassinet for when the baby is small and it came with a chair that attaches for when the baby grows out of the bassinet. But, the bassinet comes off and can be a free-standing moses basket type carrier for around the house or when Edward has the baby at his office. 

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ALittleArtsy said...

yes, i love this so so much! i need our little ones to go on walks together!!!! i love you so much bestie!!! im praying and thinking about you guys every day!!!!!!