Friday, April 17, 2009

Baby Doves!!

As Edward was painting the nursery, he kept hearing the sound of a dove flying off. Being an avid dove hunter, he definitely knew what he was hearing. After the painting was finished and the room had been fumigated enough for me to come in, I heard the dove also! I looked outside one of the windows and exclaimed "There are babies growing outside our baby's room!!"
Everyday we would nicely shoo the mama dove away (always crossing our fingers that she would come back to her babies) and look at the eggs. It probably took almost a week until on Easter Sunday one of the eggs hatched! There was a precious little dove baby sitting in the nest next to an unhatched egg.

And the next day - there were TWO!! Two healthy little doves in the nest. It is awesome how the mama dove protects them. She sits on the babies all day and then when I nicely shoo her off from the bedroom window she never goes too far away and she swoops around the nest until I have closed the window again. I haven't ever seen the dad around though, hmm!
The dove is one of the most important birds in the Bible. It was the one that brought back the olive branch to Noah signaling land in the vicinity. The dove also denotes the Holy Spirit in scripture. In Luke as Jesus was being baptized "the Holy Spirit descended on him in the bodily form of a dove." (Luke 3:22)
What an awesome symbol for our nursery!

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